Ask me anything about managing public money

Would you like my undivided attention for an hour to help you with the financial management issues or problems that face you? You could ask me about anything related to this subject. It could be about budgeting or financial strategy; about procurement of suppliers; about assessing value for money; or even help with spreadsheets or financial presentations. There's no risk because if you are not satisfied with the service it will cost you nothing.

How it works

Use the date picker below to find a day and time slot that suits you and make the booking using the Calendly service. You can book up to 30 days ahead.

Each session lasts one hour and you can ask as many questions as you can fit in. The format is flexible to suit your questions. Using Skype rather than a phone call means we can share screens if appropriate, and I can send you links to resources during the conversation. If I cannot answer a question during our session I will find the answer and email it to you afterwards.


The fee for a one-hour session is $150 payable via PayPal* at the time you book the session. If you are not satisfied with the session I will refund you the money.

* The fee is in US dollars because that is the only currency offered by the Calendly service. Contact me if you want to arrange an alternative method of payment.