New year, renewed blog

The turn of December into January is an arbitrary time to make changes in life but it is convenient so I’ve made some. One of them is relaunch my blog and make it part of a fuller website about managing public money. As part of that broader remit I acquired the domain and had a surprising amount of fun learning how to use Squarespace ( to build a website. I’d certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to build a website, whether for a business, a blog, a hobby or a special event like a wedding. One of the useful features of Squarespace was the painless process for importing all of my old blog posts from Wordpress and re-formatting them to match the theme of this new site.

As before, this blog will cover a wide range of topics related to public financial management. I am based in the UK but my interests are broader than that and I will try to include international subject matter (such as a post about my recent experience as a guest speaker at the inaugural meeting of the public sector wing of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka). 
For now the site is just the blog. I have lots of ideas for posts which I will write up and publish over the coming weeks and months. I also have ideas for development of this site, such as a mailing list and downloadable e-books and PDFs. Some of those digital documents will be free but I plan to sell some. More details about that when I am nearer to publishing them.