My book is published on 13 July


My book is published in just two weeks' time. I still haven't received my author copies but they should arrive soon. I'm excited about that. Seeing it all typeset when I was checking the proofs was great but the proofs were in pdf files and my corrections were marked-up digitally. Getting the book in my hands and being able to put it on our bookshelves will be the achievement of a long-held ambition.

I have no idea how many copies it might sell. The publisher, Routledge, must believe that it will sell enough to cover the cost of publishing it. I've had fun over the last few months watching my placing on the best-seller list at It has languished around 2,700,000th to 3,000,000th but just lately it has moved up and when I last looked it was at something like 140,000th. For all I know this might just be the result of 2 or 3 copies being pre-ordered. For me, I'm simply proud that I have written a book that a respectable publisher thought would be good enough to publish and that some people have been prepared to pay for.

I've been firming up the details of the book launch at Warwick Business School: 6pm on 20 July at the Scarman Road building. Get in touch if you would like to come along.