What would you like to learn about managing public money?

I've written previously about creating a MOOC (massive open online course) about managing public money for the Open University. That's not my only experience of creating online training. In 2016 I put together a 5-module course about commissioning and procurement for a council to use on its internal training system.

I enjoyed the creative aspect of both of those. They both include text so it is a bit like writing a book; but the technology allows you to do more. It's possible to incorporate audio and video clips, have downloadable documents and discussion forums.

One of my plans for 2018 is to create my own online training courses. I have lots of ideas ranging from producing guides to public finance aimed separately at teachers, medical professionals, councillors through to video course on creating better spreadsheets. Obviously, I can't do all of them at once so I need to prioritise. I could choose to do the one that is most interesting to me first, or the one I think is easiest, or the one I think would be most popular. I'd like to go down the last of those routes and you could help me by letting me know what subject areas you would like to see as the subject of an online training course.

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