Online accounting training for one

Online accounting training for one

I wrote previously about the work I do for Ibba Girls Boarding School in South Sudan and the trip I made to the school in February 2015 to recruit a new finance manager. The school is (almost entirely) funded by a UK charity, the Friends of Ibba Girls School (FIGS), and it is important to FIGS that the school has high standards of probity and governance to go with the high quality education. That’s why the school is willing to employ a finance manager whose primary job is to manage the school’s cash on a day to day basis.

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CIPFA Audit Conference 2013: Keynote: Meeting the Performance Challenges

I enjoyed being at the CIPFA Audit Conference earlier this week. Here are my presentation slides.

My presentation was the opening one. I’d been a bit nervous about it beforehand, not about the giving of a presentation but about the content. I’m not an audit specialist so I decided to talk about performance challenges from a general, big picture point of view. What I was concerned about, then, was whether what I said would resonate with any of the sessions that followed. I stayed until mid-afternoon and I’d say that all the other sessions I saw had touch-points with what I’d said. That was a relief.
Aside from what I learned by watching other people's presentations, I also made a couple of new contacts which might result in some future projects. So, all in all, it was a good day for me.

Hear me speak at CIPFA's Audit Conference 2013

At rather short notice I have agreed to speak at the upcoming CIPFA Audit Conference in York on 22 May. I'm not a specialist in audit but fortunately my topic is broader than that: the financial and performance challenges facing the public sector. I've some ideas about what I want to say already but the preparation of a 40 minute talk will take me probably ten times that (and I'll do it the Presentation Zen way).

Can a strategic partnership reduce the cost of policing?

Back in November I gave a presentation to a conference of police authority treasurers and police force finance directors about strategic partnerships in policing and I posted my slides here. In that presentation I tried hard to make sure that my comments were balanced, giving both the positive messages that advocates of private sector involvement would make and the counter-arguments. As a result of having some time on my hands I've boiled down my presentation into a one pag document which you are welcome to download. Can a SP save money


A practitioner's experience Watch on Posterous

It's been ages since I last wrote a post for this blog. The last one I write mentioned I would talking at a couple of events organised by CIPFA.  I was asked to talk about my experience of making budget savings and that meant I spent much of my time pointing out what doesn't work. That said, I think the sessions went well. I certainly received nice feedback.

I've made a small QuickTime movie of the slides I used for those sessions in case anyone wants to see them or even download them.

I will try to get back into the swing of writing on this blog more often since there is plenty happening in terms of public sector finance as organisations face up to reducing their budgets for 2012/13. Perhaps I'll write about that next.


Strategies for managing your budget under financial pressure

CIPFA's Financial Advisory Network run many events and I'll be the speaker at two of them in the next couple of weeks. I'll be 'the practitioner' at the Strategies for Managing your Budget under Financial Pressure in Leeds on 21 September and London on 28 September. My brief is to talk about things I've done rather than espouse a lot of theory. That's quite a different requirement from when I teach at Warwick Business School where students want to know theory. Anyway, the new requirements meant I spent about 12 hours last weekend working on a 45-minute presentation. I'm hoping the result is worth it for the people attending the event. I've included an example of one of the slides here but you'll have to come to the event to find out what my point is. After the event I'll post a QuickTime movie of the presentation onto the web and post a link here.

PS. I'll take a few copies of my book with me to events and will happily sign them and sell them.