This blog now has an Apple News channel


I got approval today to my application for this blog to be a channel on Apple News. As an Apple nerd I'm really pleased. This perhaps means very little to most readers of this blog but if you have an iPhone or an iPad and you use the Apple News app you can read the entries from this blog inside the app. Choose the search icon at the bottom of the app's screen and search for managing public money and then check the heart shape that appears next to the channel name.

I don't know if Apple News has taken off as well as Apple wanted. I've begun to use it more once I figured out how to customise the stories to see ones I want and, more particularly, not see stories I don't want (there was a time I was seeing lots of articles about Meghan Markle and I'm just not interested).

Apple News includes analytics so I will be able to see how many people view my articles there versus direct on this site and versus Medium, where I will also post some of the articles. Let me know in the comments if you plan to read this in the Apple News app.