Become a friend of Ibba Girls School and help girls in South Sudan to finish their education

I am the treasurer of a charity in the UK, the Friends of Ibba Girls School, which exists to build and operate a school for girls in the southwest corner of South Sudan. As well as being the world's newest countries, South Sudan is one of the poorest and most fragile. We all know that education improves the life chances of children and, in practice, their families, too. That's why it is important that Ibba Girls School, and the other schools in the country, exist.

If you have two minutes to spare, here's a video about the school featuring some of the girls whose future we want to enhance.

Building and running a school in South Sudan is not cheap. There are 200 girls currently getting an education at the school and because it is a boarding school, they are also being fed and kept safe as well. As a charity we need to raise GBP25,000 a month to keep the school running. If you want to make us a gift please visit the donation page on our website.